The Gasparilla Cookbook 50th Anniversary Edition Has Arrived!

The highly anticipated anniversary edition of our award-winning cookbook was unveiled at the Junior League of Tampa Cookbook Chair Brunch on August 6th at JLT headquarters for all past Cookbook Committee Chairs. The Brunch featured presentations by JLT President Allison Burden, Past Cookbook Chair Lisl Unterholzner and Current Cookbook Chairs Aspen Kahl and Denise Schultz. … Continue reading The Gasparilla Cookbook 50th Anniversary Edition Has Arrived!


Chicken Shortcake Natchez

By Lisl Unterholzner With a 50 year old cookbook, you have to expect that some recipes have stood the test of time better than others. This recipe was the main dish at the cooking demonstration I attended at Datz during The Gasparilla Cookbook’s week-long invasion of that foodie mecca, and I was curious to see … Continue reading Chicken Shortcake Natchez

Black Bean Dip

By Lisl Unterholzner I’m something of a recipe freak. I love to read recipes. I love to write recipes (really, sometimes I even measure things and take notes in case it turns out well enough to make again). I have stacks of recipes culled from magazines and newspapers that I want to try some day. … Continue reading Black Bean Dip

Marmalade Cookies

By Lisl Unterholzner The Gasparilla Cookbook will be turning 50 this year. Dave Kempf, the President of FRP Books, pointed out recently that not many cookbooks are still in print at 50 years old. This historic book contains a wealth of cherished family recipes. The recipe I tested today, however, isn’t one of them. Last … Continue reading Marmalade Cookies