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Junior Leagues around the country have used cookbooks as fundraising tools for generations. Over the years, these popular regional recipe collections have evolved to reflect the times and trends. The Junior League of Tampa is proud of the award winning cookbooks we have published during our 85 year history.

The Junior League of Tampa has produced cookbooks since 1961. All net proceeds from the sale of our cookbooks are returned to the community through the many Junior League of Tampa projects that benefit local families and organizations.

The Junior League of Tampa was the first in the nation to create a cookbook series- The Junior League of Tampa Culinary Collection. This collection features recipe favorites from around Tampa Bay.

The fourth cookbook in the series, Capture the Coast, made its debut in September 2010.

The Junior League of Tampa Culinary Collection includes:

Vol. 1- The Life of the Party (2002)
Vol. 2- EveryDay Feasts (2004)
Vol. 3- Savor the Seasons (2006)
Vol. 4- Capture the Coast (2010)

Additional books from The Junior League of Tampa:

The Gasparilla Cookbook
Originally published in 1961, this timeless cookbook has become a regional classic.


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