Apple Crunch Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream

The end of September means…FALL IS HERE! Nothing says “Fall” quite like homemade apple pie, slowly baking in your oven, filling your house with it’s sweet smell.  But really, who has time for that?  Well, this recipe is here to save the day, and about three hours of your time.  Say hello to Apple Crunch Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream.  It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, delicious!  What’s not to love?

picture 1

Begin by peeling and chopping your apples and then spreading them in the bottom of a pie pan.

picture 2

Next, sprinkle your crumb mixture on top of the apples.  (Hint: this will be much easier if your butter is soft.)

picture 3

Then, bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or until golden brown.  Meanwhile, mix together your ice cream, whipping cream, cinnamon, and sugar.  Do not try to substitute your ice cream with anything other than this recipe.  It is THAT good, I promise.

picture 4Thirty short minutes later…TaaDaa!!!  You’ve brought a little slice of fall into your kitchen, and your belly.

picture 5
Happy Eating!

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