Melon Manchego Wraps

Melon Manchego Wraps

Do you need a quick appetizer that is both delicious and impressive? Melon and prosciutto is a classic Italian treat, but add in some Manchego and its even more delicious.

This recipe is easy and there’s no cooking involved! Simply cut the fruit and cheese to size and wrap with the prosciutto.  A couple tips, however: I found that the Manchego cut to ½” slices was still overpowering the melon, so I’d suggest thinner slices if your knife skills can handle it.  Additionally, I’d suggest wrapping just the middle of the melon/cheese with prosciutto, which means you need a skinny piece of ham.  I used larger pieces, which covered the whole melon slice, and it would look much prettier if the other layers are visible.  Personally, I don’t enjoy dates, so I left the dates out of some of my wraps and they were especially delicious with just the ham, melon and cheese.

This recipe is a great option if you need a quick appetizer- and it would travel well! It would also be ok to assemble ahead and leave at room temperature for a couple hours.  Try them and enjoy!

The recipe:


Melon Manchego Wraps

Savor the Seasons, page 32


“This refreshing summer treat brings together savory prosciutto and manchego cheese with sweet melons. Substitute the melon with sliced dates and apples or other seasonal fruits of your choosing.”


8 dried pitted dates

3oz Manchego cheese, cut into 16 ½” inch thick slices

16 cantaloupe slices

8 slices prosciutto, cut into halves lengthwise


Cut the dates into haves lengthwise. Place a date half and a slice of Manchego cheese on each cantaloupe slice.  Wrap with a slice of prosciutto, securing with wooden picks.  You may substitute 2 Granny Smith apples for the cantaloupe, if desired.  Slice the apples into 16 wedges and sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown.

Yield: 16 servings


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