Sombrero Chicken Salad

We had a guest blogger try out a Life of the Party recipe for us recently as we promote our new available e-book! Thank you, Cyndi!!
As spring is starting to blossom and summer is inevitably around the corner, I wanted to make a nice refreshing salad. I am a sucker for pasta salad, so when I saw “Sombrero Chicken Salad” in the Junior League of Tampa’s, “Life of the Party” cookbook, I knew I was going to get just what I was looking for! Most of the ingredients I actually had on hand, so I grabbed just a few things that I needed at the store and was excited to get the chicken marinating in the delicious cilantro/lime based dressing. It was simple and took no time at all.
CB 6
As the chicken marinated I finished some of the daunting spring cleaning and before I knew it the chicken was ready to be grilled. I chopped up the spicy jalapeno, green onion, and tomato, then got the beans and corn ready. Pasta was cooking as I was chopping, so I strained it and added it to the big bowl. Using the extra marinade I tossed it in as a dressing and mixed it up thoroughly. The recipe called for me to throw the chicken on the grill, but I am not much of a grill-smith, so I used my stove top grill pan instead. The key here is to cook it nice and slow, just like the grill does, you don’t want it to cook the outside too fast.
CB 2
Once the chicken was done, about 7-8 minutes on each side. I sliced it up into bite size pieces and tossed it in with the salad. I couldn’t help myself but to dive in for a bite, the chicken is so juicy and flavorful. I can’t wait to be invited to a BBQ this summer so I can add this to my list of favorite items! Thanks Junior League for a delicious and easy recipe to bring me just what I needed! 
CB 1
The Life of the Party is available now through Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and iBooks!



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