Refreshing Pomegranate Cocktail to Share!

What sounds better than a 6 bedroom/5 bathroom house on the beach with your husband and 8 close friends for a long weekend?! Not many things! I couldn’t think of a better way to send a fellow Junior League friend out of her 20’s and roaring into her 30’s over her 30th birthday beach weekend!

Pomegranate cocktail

Every fall my life seems to get extremely busy. I seem to have plans weeks in advance with weddings, football weekends, birthdays and other social gatherings as I’m sure many of you do too! I feel extremely grateful to have friends who love to get together often. We all offer to bring whatever is needed, but always end up with way too much food! I’ve decided to start offering to bring drink options from time to time, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic to share a new taste with the group! I am a big fan of pomegranate so when I came across Pomegranate Sunset recipe in our Capture the Coast cookbook it just felt like it would fit right in at the beach!

I will admit I was unable to find mint simple syrup from the few stores I tried, but they were primarily grocery liquor stores and had only a few flavors. Since we were already in “vacation-mode” we decided it would be fine to improvise this time. We muddled mint into the simple syrup for about 20 min prior to starting the drink creation and let it sit while we added the other ingredients. I then picked out the actually mint and added the syrup to my creation! This simple and refreshing drink was perfect for cocktails with a group and I plan on making it again and again!

Pomegranate cocktail

Pomegranate Sunset, page 30

1 cup pomegranate juice

1 cup Mint Simple Syrup

½ cup fresh lime juice

1 ½ cups vodka

1 (1-liter) bottle club soda, chilled

8 sprigs of fresh mint


Mix the pomegranate juice, Mint Simple Syrup, lime juice and vodka in a pitcher. Chill before serving. Stir just before serving. Fill each glass halfway with the juice mixture. Add club soda to fill each glass. Garnish with the mint.

For a non-alcoholic drink option, try Princess Punch also on page 30 of the cookbook!

Go to to purchase a cookbook of your own today!


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