Are You Ready for Some Football? by Dave Kempf


What began as an exciting addition to football fans everywhere in 1967 has now grown to be one of the largest party days of the year throughout the US. Of course I’m speaking of the Super Bowl. I’m not sure anyone who tuned in to watch that first match up between the KC Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers could envision the popularity of the Super Bowl today.

The day on which the Super Bowl is played is now considered a de facto American national holiday is referred to as Super Bowl Sunday. It is the 2nd largest day for US food consumption, second only to Thanksgiving. Like most of you, I will be attending a Super Bowl party somewhere & have in past years even hosted Super Bowl events at our home. If there is a party there has to be great food, right? What better way to cook up some Super Bowl treats than to go to your community cookbook collection and develop the party menu.

The first cookbook I always think about when a party is involved is Life of the Party, the first and tremendously successful cookbook in the Junior League of TampaCookbook Collection. That is where I started when developing this menu but decided to include some recipes I was familiar with from a couple of the other books in the series as well. My selections and yours might be completely different but here are my selections.

Iced Ginger Tea—Capture the Coast page 33 (this is a non-alcoholic drink that is very refreshing and certain to be popular for the non-beer drinkers)

Fish & Bubbles Party Mix—Capture the Coast page 47 (great mix of sweet and salty flavor)

Hamwich—Capture the Coast page 40 (these delicious treats first appeared in Gasparilla back in 1961 but this current version is the best)

Grilled Marinated Shrimp—Life of the Party page 30—(who doesn’t love shrimp and these are a perfect party favorite)

Blue Cashew Spread—Life of the Party page 39—(fabulous flavor, simple to make and can be made well ahead of time)

Warm Crab Dip—Life of the Party page 44—(you can never have too many different dips at a Super Bowl Party and this one is wildly popular)

Seafood Gumbo—Everyday Feasts page 72—(I love Gumbo and your guests will as well)

Moroccan Meatballs—Everyday Feasts page 85—(these little devils are wonderful because they are so easy to spear with toothpicks—make plenty or you will be sure to run out)

Grilled Honey Bourbon Pork Tenderloin—Everyday Feasts page 87—(cook this bad boy up and slice, finger licking good)

Peanut Butter Bars—Everyday Feasts page 114—(I’m not the world’s biggest dessert eater but these are simple and the recipe yields 60 bars)

Blueberry Crumble Cheese Cake Bars—Capture the Coast page 111—(a perfect opposite flavor than the peanut butter bars)

Part of the enjoyment of a party is planning on the food choices—while mine might be quite different from yours you can be sure that the food will be good if you choose your recipes from these wonderful cookbooks—and remember, if you’ve purchased a Junior League of Tampa Cookbook, you’ve helped raise money for the worthy community projects the League supports. Have fun and enjoy your Super Bowl experience!



2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football? by Dave Kempf

  1. Dave Kempf says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your blog & endorse these books which I believe in!

    Dave Kempf
    615-414-5019 (mobile)
    615-391-2660 (office)

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