Recipe Selection

by Laurie Ann Burton

Every recipe in Capture the Coast was prepared by a member of the CTC committee and tasted by the whole committee.  As recipes were collected, they were reviewed by four person committee for criteria matches, if deemed to be fresh, local and coastal on paper, they were put out for first round of general testing.  Recipes that tested well in first round, were put out for a second round of general testing.  Recipes that made it through second round were then tested by someone from the CTC committee and generally tasted by several committee members if not the full committee.  Many recipes were tweaked along the way by the committee and re-tested and re-tasted.

The recipe team met biweekly all summer and fall of 2009 and would generally taste up to 10 recipes at each meeting.  Each recipe would be prepared by one of the committee members and then brought to the meeting for a full review.  We would generally spend about an hour or more just talking about the food – the ingredients, the method and the resulting dish. We would discuss changes that needed to be made to seasoning or method and make suggestions for improvements or decide to keep it as is.  We had a very tough panel of critics!



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